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Fitting security lighting as part of your home or business security system will deter burglars. It can also reduce the fear of crime. The burglar will often make his mind up to target a less lit up property across the road as the softer option. Therefore a major deterrent to you becoming a victim of burglary is to install some kind of home security lighting system.

Welcomes Visitors, Deters Intruders!

Of course, your lighting system isn't just to deter unwanted visitors; it also welcomes those you are expecting and acts as a convenience or courtesy. Movement activated illumination of dark pathways and car parks can make staff and visitors feel more secure immediately.

Combined with an overall security system the external lighting can also help improve the quality of any CCTV footage too. You should also consider an Intruder alarm as part of any crime prevention means.

There are several types of security lighting systems available and at JKELtd we can tailor a system to suit your needs.

Movement sensor operated

One of the most commonly used types are porch/bulkhead lights and the more powerful tungsten halogen floodlights. They work by being activated by PIR sensors. (Passive Infra-red Receiver) movement detectors.

Timer Operated

These devices can be programmed to switch on lights externally or internally during the hours of darkness. They are designed to replace existing room light switches and will give the impression that your home is occupied.

Dusk 'Til Dawn Lighting

This method can be used to externally light up your home. The lamp(s) stay on during the hours of darkness and go off as it starts to get light.

These units are energy efficient with very low power consumption and provide a more pleasant light to sit out on summer nights as well as making the occupier appear more switched on to security.

Before deciding on which type of security lighting to install, it's important for example to consider your neighbours. Your system should provide a sufficient level of illumination necessary to protect your own property but not shine on all the other houses nearby. JKE Ltd can help you with this as we will be able to fit the lights correctly and adjust the range and direction of the beams if needed.

Business Premises

Of course, security lighting isn't just for the home. Effective lighting for business premises, especially when combined with CCTV, can greatly increase security for all types of business. e.g. External storage areas or car parking areas.

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