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JK Electrical offers a full service in the area of Inspection and Testing of ElectricalInstallations, including Periodic Inspection Report in domestic dwellings, commercial and industrial properties.

All Inspection and Testing is carried out by a fully qualified Electrical Engineer with minimal disruption, in accordance with the 17th Edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations BS7671.

We will then provide you with an independent and comprehensive report on the condition of your electrical installation.

These are some of our services

  • Electrical Inspection and Testing
  • Periodic Inspections
  • Initial Verification for New Installations
  • Electrical Surveys and Diagrams
  • Fault Finding
  • Periodic Inspection Reports
  • Landlords Safety Certificates
  • Homebuyers' Electrical Report

To comply with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Electricity at Work Act 1989, it is the employer's duty to provide a “safe” place of work. This includes regular electrical Periodic Inspection and Testing.

What is a periodic Inspection? 

PIR inspection is carried out by a competent electrician to determine the condition of an electrical installation (the fixed wiring as apposed to any appliances) carried out at regular intervals.  Click here to see the Recommended Inspection Frequencies.

The purpose is to identify, any factors impairing the safety of the electricalinstallation, and to make appropriate recommendations for action. 

The procedure for carrying out the inspection and the method of reporting findings is included in BS7671 Wiring Regulations. 

Note that current Building Regulations require that changes to existing electrical installations need to comply with BS7671.

PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) – We carry out both one-off and full annual PAT testing contracts within commercial and industrial sectors.  The regulations cover all ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT including portable, moveable and stationary equipment. According to the Health & Safety Executive currently twenty five percent of all reportable electrical accidents were caused by faulty portable appliances. 

What is Portable Electrical Equipment?

In general, any electrical equipment which is less than 18 Kg in weight and is moveable. In practice these are usually connected to a power supply (the fixed wiring installation) by means of a flexible cord. The cord may have a plug or may it may be wired directly.

Stationary equipment or appliances which exceed 18 Kg in weight e.g. refrigerators or washing machines are also included and should be inspected and tested. Where they are fitted, testing may be impractical but they should be inspected. Find out more about our Maintenance Services here.

For Landlords and Letting Agents

We can provide a certified safety electrical inspection service for landlords. The current legislation requires statutory duties on landlords to maintain electrical installations in a safe condition. One way of complying with this requirement is to provide a current Periodic Inspection Report. (PIR)

When Buying or Selling a Property

Buying a property is one of the most important purchases of your life, so it's important that your new home is electrically safe and you know what expenditure if any, you may need to make on your new home.

If you are considering the sale of your property, a new electrical Periodic Inspection Report added to your sellers pack can put a potential buyer's mind at ease.

We can arrange for an electrical Inspection & Test on the property which will provide an accurate assessment of the condition of the fixed wiring.

As a property survey does not inform the buyer of the condition of the electrical wiring, this report will provide peace of mind and reveal any possible dangers.

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